Evening Glow

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

Come with me for a little walk
Holding hands while we laugh and talk
Travel to the enchanted land
Lay a blanket out on the sand
Where we wait for the rising moon
Listen to her glorious tune
Splash a few fingers of whiskey
Starting to feel a bit frisky
Basking in the warm evening glow
Feeling it deep-down in our souls


Unto this world a new child is born…

Unto this world a new child is born…

Into a culture stricken with madness

That is strained by infinite sadness

The baby cries out loud when it is torn

From its mother’s womb of blackness


Out of its protection and comfort

The child shrieks at the sudden rejection

Life-line severed, a vital connection

Removed, the child suffers in discomfort

Incessant cries appeased through affection


Nurtured by two devoted parents

Naively infecting an open mind

With handed down beliefs over time

Practiced sophisticated appearance

All innocence stripped, a vile crime


Affected by inherent fate

All purity is lost with childhood

Preparing the stage for manhood

Opening only the designated gates

Failing to see or honor brotherhood


Believing all things are possible

Stepping on and over others

Conserving an evil culture

Through faith nothing is impossible

Desperate for acceptance he suffers


Distraught with grief he makes a confession

That defies the righteous path selected

Seeking his truth while preserving respect

Finds value in human connections

Coveting real purpose with acceptance



meaningoflife112 (1)

As part of a collaborative effort, I wrote this piece for the infamous Kendall Pearson, and it was featured as the prologue in “The Meaning of Life,” Part I on July 13, 2014, and can be found at ThePublicBlogger.com The saga continues with Part II releasing on July 20, 2014.


The Monster…







I’m friends with the monster
Its my greatest fan and sponsor
Circumvents pending insanity
Keeps a semblance of humanity

In a world filled with violence
I was forced to form an alliance
Callous people always claiming fame
Exploitation is merely a game

Challenge and criticize my addiction
I’m resolute in my convictions
Fight till we expel our last breath
Together until the final death

Eminem – The Monster (Explicit) ft. Rihanna


What can I say except I love this post, werewolves, and this WRITER! If you haven’t made your way over to Der Erzahler’s Musings, you might want to take a few moments and visit cause you are seriously missing out on some wicked-ass talent!

Block Party

It - Pennywise the Dancing Clown (2013)

It – Pennywise the Dancing Clown (2013)

Finally, I can sit back and relax and tip my glass as the boys begin to play their games.  Perched on a lawn chair, with other spectators, I await the spectacular fire-show that is about to unfold. It is about time to see the pretty lights.  The sun is almost set, and it sits behind me to the west. The air is calm, and the only breeze that kisses my bare knees is from the little feet that stir-up the air as they run around me. I fidget in my seat and scratch like I have fleas. The blasted heat is stifling, the abnormal humidity is suffocating and so I must drink, you see, to get some relief.  I am woman, so my skin is dewy and wet, and don’t you dare call it sweat if you know what is best because at some point you too will need to rest, I bet. I try not to scratch, but the blasted gnats are out to attack. This aliment could have been easily remedied; if only I had remembered to purchase some repellent.


Wishing everyone in the US a nice long holiday weekend, but remember to be safe and sane!  Also,  be sure to keep your illegal and homemade explosives separated, so that you don’t get caught red-handed and slapped with a hefty fine. Lastly, if you are going to drive – please be responsible.  🙂   HAVE FUN!

Into Nothing

Light Last night, I looked out into the vast sea of darkness and saw a light off in the distance

I stopped dead in my tracks and kept looking back with an overwhelming sense of dread

Torn between advancing and relapsing; questioning to move forward or to remain in place     

Clinging to the familiar fiends buried within that prevent me from being seen or heard  

Realizing that something is missing, I fight a little harder to make a significant change – starting today

The light is so far away, yet I must be on my way and accept my fate before I fade away