Snatched: Breaking Through the Surface

Credit: Smithsonian Magazine
Credit: Smithsonian Magazine

The sedatives coursing through Jane’s veins ran thin as she began to crawl toward the surface. Little by little she banged her head against the glaciers holding her deep under. Trapped in the frigid waters she fought frantically to reach the surface, feeling as if she was splitting her head wide open, right down the middle in the process. A myriad of visions flashed behind her eyes. Dust clouds stirring in the night’s air; dancing in a tunnel of yellow rays. Staring up at the half-lit street lamp. A red rag pushed toward her face. Trying to pry the arm and cloth away to no avail. Suffocating unable to breathe, scream or get free. A struggle. Overpowered. A smothering red rag doused with the toxic stench of gasoline and motor oil. Silent screams. Dust motes dancing. A brutal bite to the neck, labored breathing, a then nothing.


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