Always Seeking

Often I search the sky for answers that seem to hide deep inside Wondering if I’ll ever reach that place of contentment and true satisfaction How will I know when I’ve found the simplistic truth and life’s meaning   And will I recognize it when it’s within reach or will I let it slip into aContinue reading “Always Seeking”

Dancing Flames ~ #FWF

  Sweltering days spent at the beach absorbing the heat Temperatures drop rapidly with the departing sun Nightfall gatherings around the shared campfire Partaking in song, sweets and drinks – all evening long Exhausted from the day’s extraneous play Hypnotized by the dancing flames and lapping waves Dragged under the sea for much-needed sleep Emerging sunContinue reading “Dancing Flames ~ #FWF”

Beautiful Girl

Violence ensues Leaving a bruise Innocence departs Leaving an empty heart A damaged soul Never feels whole Unable to trust The elderly disgust Silently suffering Soundless cutting Excessive pressures Obsessive compulsions Driving disorders Crippling horror Unable to see Wants to flee Destructive mirror Distorted figure Lightless nights Darkened light Black circles Internal hurdles Pointless daysContinue reading “Beautiful Girl”


A steady stream of youngsters, witches, and high priestess entered the forest wearing lightweight cloaks.  Upon entering the clearing, everyone removed their hoods to greet one another.  Everywhere you looked, women and young girls alike wore their hair plaited in elaborate braids or were adorned with flowered headdresses and gemstones. It was a beautiful sight.  The coven gatheredContinue reading “Rituals”

Soul Reaper

“She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world.” ― Joanne Harris By day Shelby was a beautiful sight to behold for sure. She had an internal allure about her that drew new patrons intoContinue reading “Soul Reaper”

Darkness Embraced

In the darkness is where I lay the troubles of  hardened days Protected under the cover of night, wings safely on display Absent is the fear from those who judge and criticize Divergence from communal norms, garnering exquisite prizes Cloaked behind the reassuring security of the shadows Excluding the self-confident one who challenged and followedContinue reading “Darkness Embraced”

Silver’s Release

  Held for barter in a cold-dark dungeon, Silver’s spirit nearly withered away. Her captor’s handsome nephew devised a plan that released her from captivity. She made her journey at nightfall, and in the dawning hours she was able to spread her wings in newfound freedom and see the sun rise. *** Inspired by DPContinue reading “Silver’s Release”

In The Verse

This week maestro Steve asks, “Is The Answer In The Question Or Is The Question In The Answer…?” And I believe that the answer is in the words or in this case the verses. I tossed another quarter in the jukebox baby and it played some of my favorite artists, and Juicy is in fact oneContinue reading “In The Verse”

Snatched: Breaking Through the Surface

The sedatives coursing through Jane’s veins ran thin as she began to crawl toward the surface. Little by little she banged her head against the glaciers holding her deep under. Trapped in the frigid waters she fought frantically to reach the surface, feeling as if she was splitting her head wide open, right down theContinue reading “Snatched: Breaking Through the Surface”