Always Seeking


Often I search the sky for answers that seem to hide deep inside

Wondering if I’ll ever reach that place of contentment and true satisfaction

How will I know when I’ve found the simplistic truth and life’s meaning  

And will I recognize it when it’s within reach or will I let it slip into a breach

An endless battle and continual pursuit for something more, better and new  

Narcissistic ways presented on many days that end in sorrow and shame

Internal rage filled with hate and placing blame toward others

Distantly, I hear silent screams, but choose to turn away rather than stay

Dancing Flames ~ #FWF



Sweltering days spent at the beach absorbing the heat

Temperatures drop rapidly with the departing sun

Nightfall gatherings around the shared campfire

Partaking in song, sweets and drinks – all evening long

Exhausted from the day’s extraneous play

Hypnotized by the dancing flames and lapping waves

Dragged under the sea for much-needed sleep

Emerging sun and smoldering fires restores our power 


In response to Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday photo prompt.


Source: EcoNews

Source: EcoNews

Teary-eyed witches in the night whispering
Remorse for the crime and people’s mistake
Land barren of standing wood or branches
Everything conveyed across the Lake

Haunting destruction to remember
Death harvested and bled out from its veins
Compacted muddy clearing with silvery
Plasma spilled to the earth is all that remains

My first Ballad attempt, and yes I cheated with a starter.

Beautiful Girl


Violence ensues

Leaving a bruise

Innocence departs

Leaving an empty heart

A damaged soul

Never feels whole

Unable to trust

The elderly disgust

Silently suffering

Soundless cutting

Excessive pressures

Obsessive compulsions

Driving disorders

Crippling horror

Unable to see

Wants to flee

Destructive mirror

Distorted figure

Lightless nights

Darkened light

Black circles

Internal hurdles

Pointless days

Walking in a haze

Ugliness surrounds

Waiting to be found


Know you’re never alone

I’ll pull from the danger zone

My hand is outstretched

Giving you a needed rest

Holding you tight

Together we’ll fight

Now is the Time

I simply love this notion. There is always time to change course.



In this world of games and play
Where distractions numb the mind
Don’t lay waste to precious Life
Killing time with knife in hand

Feed your heart what it’s starving for
Feed it Truth that leads to peace
Throw away your thousand masks
Unveil your Light of Being

By your bed lies countless books
With words of the blessed ones
They point to that sacred path
Hoping you’ll walk to your Self

Stop talking about the way
Now is the time for action
Stop chasing your tail around
Let your heart fly to the skies

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Source: We Heart It

A steady stream of youngsters, witches, and high priestess entered the forest wearing lightweight cloaks.  Upon entering the clearing, everyone removed their hoods to greet one another.  Everywhere you looked, women and young girls alike wore their hair plaited in elaborate braids or were adorned with flowered headdresses and gemstones. It was a beautiful sight.  The coven gathered monthly for ceremonies, but today was an extra special celebration, so they arrived earlier to partake in a shared meal and conversation prior to the ceremony.  As the Full Moon rose to the lowest point directly above, illuminating their space in an ethereal blue glow, the coven gathered around the altar that held moon water and candles, and was decorated in a collection of stones, ribbons and mirrors.  Standing silently side-by-side in a large circle with their hands clasped they meditated together and gave thanks for their blessings and requested strength and protection against their future trials. United as one, with their hands firmly clasped they harvested immense life-energy.  Using this energy they cast their heads back toward the sky and called upon the Moon Goddess, Queen of Night, and in a melodic chant asked for her to infuse them with love and wisdom and provide them with guidance under her consistent and protective watch. Releasing their hands at the end of the chant they reached to the sky to caress her and the beauty that represented and reflected back upon them from afar. Each member of the coven then paid tribute to Mother Earth by leaving tokens of appreciation under the grand oak tree near the flowing stream before returning to the clearing to complete their celebration with the cutting of cake and serving of wine and ale.


In recognition of tonight’s Full Moon and Friday the 13th phenomena.