We Heart it

We Heart it

Staring out into the emptiness of the night, all you see is the darkness that is mirrored in your heart. Yet, against the odds, you find the strength to hold onto the distant rhythm that beats for hope and keeps you moving.  The very beats that aid you against the demons that hide in wait, to knock you off course, in finding your true nirvana. Don’t look back, as you walk along a desolate suburban road there is nothing holding you here.  Keep traveling, knowing that you are never really lost or alone, and the day will come – to be found. Fill your lungs with the night’s invigorating crisp winter air, lick the hydrating snow drifts from your lips, and stomp the snow off your boots until you reach that sunny place – paradise.


I’m really thankful for these weekly prompts that inspire me to write something, when my creativity has been zapped out of me from my day job.   A few words are better than no words, right?  This photo prompt is sponsored by FWF with Kellie Elmore.  It’s storming here in California, I know I can’t believe it either, so I ‘ll be back with more words this weekend – promise!



19 responses to “Nirvana

  1. And we are freezing our butts off once again here in the Northeast with more snow landing on Monday. Sorry about your extremes out there!

    Great piece here that I can certainly relate to. Reminds me of the winter of 2011. Never ending cold, darkness and snow that forced me to dig deep (no pun intended) inside myself. Such a lonely time during that season. Lots of boot stomping!!


    • I don’t think I’d ever be able to survive the eastern cold and snow! The flash floods and mudslides in the burn areas are pretty bad…evacuations.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


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