Gas Station

G is for…Gas Station

(Warning may be leading to disturbing content) 

This A to Z challenge has given me permission and the motivation I needed to toy with some of the previous works started, neat! I’m hoping it’s worthwhile and I can’t wait to see where they lead me to, for an introduction to good old’ Jack >>> Click Here <<< if you dare.

Credit: Deviantart

Credit: Deviantart

The van sputtered-and-spit as the deserted gas station came into view, as if the damn thing was choking on the last remnants of fumes and demanding to stop. Jack tapped out a smoke from his soft-pack and clenched it between his teeth as he lit it and looked back to see if there was any movement from his newly acclaimed woman. He didn’t have any worries over her drawing attention if he stopped for gas because he made certain that she wouldn’t be any trouble and would be out cold for hours to come with the dose he gave. The only thing he had to worry about now was keeping his prize alive. He had a feeling that the dose he administered was too much; it’s not as if he was a certified anesthesiologist. Fuck, he banged his hands against the steering wheel at the realization he could have easily given her a lethal amount and wouldn’t that be a total pisser after she showed such promise in the struggle she put up before it was lights out.  He willed her to keep breathing as he signaled left and pulled into the 24-hour self-service station to fill up and take a piss.


Look at that an early post, it’s not even 4/8/14. 🙂



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