April Afflictions…

A is for…April afflictions…

Critical missions
Spontaneous decisions
May need to abort
Have no energy to support
Finding adequate time
Forever hard to find
After tonight
I will set flight
While in the air
With six hours to spare
I will dare my muse
To render the news
While I continue to read
Superb entries for A-Z

Published by Kelly

“I’m just a girl in the world…that’s all you’ll let me be...” Southern California Native who gets in trouble for sarcasm, suffers from bouts of OCD, and listens to an eclectic range of music really, really loud especially while driving too fast. Turn up the Rap, R&B, Punk, Billy, Indie, Alternative, Classic, Folk, Metal, and Grunge, Melodic, Industrial, Electronic, Soul and so on you get the point.

6 thoughts on “April Afflictions…

    1. Thanks and good luck with your travels and muse! My travels were grossly delayed, but I got a chance to chat with others, observe and write some. 🙂


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