The Hunger

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

A short poem and personal experience/writing lesson at the end.

The hunger grows
As you watch the tides
Ebb and flow
Fallen face down
Lost on an empty beach
Water washes over you
Cleansing away the pain
Lulling the void within
Coating you in numbness
For an eternity of starvation

During my monthly writers group meeting yesterday, we were led through a brief poetry exercise. We began with rules 1) don’t stop until the time is up, 2) don’t write a poem, and 3) do punch me in the gut. Sounds pretty groovy, right? To this end, we drew a prompt from a jar and were given a limited amount of time (3 minutes I think) to just write, then we plucked out specific phrases from what we wrote, were given two more minutes to arrange and refine, and ta-dah this is what emerged. I share all of this  to remind you that when you sit down with a specific idea or prompt, don’t restrict yourself or force the words to stay on topic, just let go and see where the words take you. My prompt was, “The color of Hunger,” and although I started out with the color of red, things sort of went belly down in the sand and the color was washed away, and that’s really okay.

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