Steve’s Music Mix: Jewish-Reggae-Metal-Rapping-Bonanza

It’s time to put the iPod on Shuffle and answer three essential questions from Steve’s Music Mix Challenge with a song. The rules are pretty simple, put your player on shuffle, press play and answer the questions with the first three song titles.   As I mentioned in a prior challenge, the pickings are slim because I never downloaded much music to my iPhone 5 (cloud) because yup I’m that lazy and impatient and Pandora is my friend.

Here’s what happened when I pressed play:


  • If I was sucked into a jukebox and turned into a song then the song would be… Motivate – Matisyahu

Comments: This is appropriate, I’m always looking for ways to motivate myself and those around me. I got to see this guy at the Grove, for my Birthday a couple of years ago with my honey.

  • If I was sucked into a television then my tv show would be about…Blue – A Perfect Circle (APC) >> Video embedded below <<  give it a spin, err um, play.

Comments: Hmm this is not my favorite song off the album, yet there are really no bad songs, but my favorites would be Gravity and Pet from this release.  I suppose this song could imply that I’m still learning how to swim, or maybe I’m letting others drown right in front of me, which I hope is not the case.  I think bad ass front man Maynard James Keenan is a lyrical genius with mesmerizing vocals, and I had the privilege to see MJK perform at the Epicenter 2009.

  • If I was sucked into a movie theater screen then my movie would be about…All Eyez on Me – Tupac (RIP)

Comments: It’s all about me, me, me! Some might think this at times (my apologies, I just needed a few minutes under the light for warmth) but on a serious note, I can recite serious 2PAC lyrics… we keep it rocking…California Love!

For more details or to participate be sure to head over to Steve’s Page and follow for musical entertainment, cats, and other stuff.

Tool: Stage Photo's 2009
Tool: Stage Photo’s 2009

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