Are all new things a mash-up of what came before? A Q&A with Kirby Ferguson

TED Blog

Kirby Ferguson speaks at TEDGlobal 2012

In today’s TEDTalk, director Kirby Ferguson outlines a bold vision of creativity — that it’s not about dreaming up a new song, a new piece of art or a new form of technology in a vacuum, but instead about remixing what has come before. In his fast-paced talk, Kirby reveals that many of our most iconic thinkers — from Henry Ford to Bob Dylan — embraced this idea of what it means to create.

As we watched Kirby’s talk, a slew of questions popped to mind. What does this mean for creative people? Can we reach a point where ideas become too self-referential? Is every song a cover song? And so TED’s Ben Lillie called Kirby to discuss and dive further into the ideas he posited in his video series,Everything Is a Remix.

Wehave this intuitive notion of creativity, of this brilliant genius who creates something…

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