“Freethinkers a…

“Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking…” I could read and quote Tolstoy all day, but this is all for nowContinue reading ““Freethinkers a…”


In the darkened room Alone, I primed my tools Candlelight sconces Used to elicit responses I sensed your presence Filled with acceptance From atop of the stairs With an adverted stare Cornflower blues Iridescent hues Hesitantly descended Into the shadowy darkness My heart suspended *** Your fate sealed When you willingly sought me out SteppedContinue reading “Shadows”

Justice and Mating Collides

 Synopsis Detective Dustin Reynolds is heading up an investigation of recent hate crimes committed against women who have been assaulted, raped, and even murdered in his precinct.  The frightened townspeople are depending on him to catch the criminal to restore safety and peace in their community. He is guarding a secret from the human society,Continue reading “Justice and Mating Collides”

The Hunger

A short poem and personal experience/writing lesson at the end. The hunger grows As you watch the tides Ebb and flow Fallen face down Lost on an empty beach Water washes over you Cleansing away the pain Lulling the void within Coating you in numbness For an eternity of starvation During my monthly writers groupContinue reading “The Hunger”


Lightning strikes Teeth sink in Gripping its victim Overpowering its prey Building up dependency Creating cravings Constant struggles Getting out of bed Basic necessities omitted Hunger ignored Nourishment found Deadly source Beg, borrow, and steal A few moments of joy Constantly searching For one last hit Another hit, to Enter the veins Relieve the brainContinue reading “Smack”

Dustin’s Weapons

Secured in a leather shoulder holster on the right is a Glock model 20, holding 13 rounds of ten mm, in a magnum cartridge that is more suitable for hunting than protection.  A Glock model 29 can be found tucked in either the small of his back or in the front at the waist forContinue reading “Dustin’s Weapons”

Help Me Choose A Theme

I need a plan!  Even if things don’t go according to the plan, and they rarely do, I still need a plan in place because that’s the kind of gal that I am. March seems to be flying by at warp-speed, so I haven’t got much time left to waste.  With that being said, kindlyContinue reading “Help Me Choose A Theme”

“Let’s take a moonlight-stroll in the forest, while I share an ancient tale.”

  When Samantha saw the golden flecks shimmer to life in his eyes, her grin grew wider. To measure his reaction she boldly bit harder on her trapped bottom lip before releasing it to guide her tongue back and forth across the sensitive, swelling flesh.  A giggle escaped her, breaking the spell and brought DustinContinue reading ““Let’s take a moonlight-stroll in the forest, while I share an ancient tale.””

Da da, da da, da…

A brief Sunday afternoon interlude. Later this evening I’ll either be working with Werewolves or incorrigible Dom’s. *** Alright Yeah Well now I must admit, I can’t explain Any of these thoughts racing through my brain It’s true Baby, I’m howlin’ for you Alright There’s something wrong with this plot The actors here, have notContinue reading “Da da, da da, da…”

Steve’s Music Mix: Jewish-Reggae-Metal-Rapping-Bonanza

It’s time to put the iPod on Shuffle and answer three essential questions from Steve’s Music Mix Challenge with a song. The rules are pretty simple, put your player on shuffle, press play and answer the questions with the first three song titles.   As I mentioned in a prior challenge, the pickings are slim becauseContinue reading “Steve’s Music Mix: Jewish-Reggae-Metal-Rapping-Bonanza”

Their Presence Lingers

“This can’t be the house,” Rich said to Margaret, his girlfriend and photographer, with excitement in his voice as he exited the truck leaving her behind.  Margaret snatched the photo from the paperclip that secured it and held it out at an arm’s length, in front of her, to compare the image against the weatheredContinue reading “Their Presence Lingers”

Very Inspiring Blogger, Lighthouse and Awesome Blossom Award

I’m feeling very fortunate to receive the following awards from the incredibly talented Bruisedbelly over at The Migraine Chronicles whose words of poetry speak to me on so many levels.  Thank you for the recognition, awards, and most importantly inspiring me through every post. Awards and information can be found here:  “It Is What ItContinue reading “Very Inspiring Blogger, Lighthouse and Awesome Blossom Award”