Okay it’s time to crunch some numbers and get a few words in today.  Let’s see where did I leave off, hmmm?  It is kind of hard to remember… after all, I am guilty of scene hopping it’s true.  I have to flush out the scenes or polish them when they strike or I fear I’ll lose them forever and then they would taunt me at night when I’m trying to sleep.  But I digress about the state of my writing mess.  Ahh yes, I do believe I left off around here:

Dustin joined her at the picture window overlooking the moonlit forest and smiled as he raised his glass and proposed, “A toast, ‘to having a nice meal, good conversation, and a peaceful evening far from prying eyes’ cheers.”  They clinked their wine glasses together and took their first sips.  

I’ll be back later with more, hopefully.

Cheers and happy writing!



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