31 Days of Blogging

I feel compelled to confess… many things, actually. Honestly, I didn’t expect much to emerge from this blog except to have a little cyber space of my own to motivate me and grant me the permission I needed to set aside my dedication to work and domestic responsibilities before they sucked every last bit ofContinue reading “31 Days of Blogging”

Sting: Checks Box Off Musical Bucket List

At the risk of exposing my age, I must say that I’m very excited to see this man perform live with Paul Simon (bonus) next month. It’s going to be a magical! There are so many incredible songs that I grew up loving, here are a few favs: Brand New Day, Fields of Gold, EveryContinue reading “Sting: Checks Box Off Musical Bucket List”


With one hand tucked in his pocket, he strolls down the street casually smoking a cigarette while looking for a treat.  Tonight he craves someone extra special to meet, one that will wither and scream as loudly as the nerve-numbing shouts blasting into his ears. The memories from the girls before had all faded away,Continue reading “Snatched”

Jump First

Once upon a long, long time ago… I jumped first and oh what a glorious rush it was. This flash fiction piece was inspired in part from a memory. **** Racing against the sunrise, Josh climbed into his bright yellow Jeep Wrangler and barely warmed the engine up before popping it into gear. He neededContinue reading “Jump First”

Well Played Apple!

Inspired by Apple once again, so a round of applause where due. I rarely watch television and when I do it’s usually cable or a DVR program, so I tend to miss all of the cool commercials (game day releases excluded) but this one sucked me in last night. Although, they didn’t have to sellContinue reading “Well Played Apple!”

Today’s Happy Haiku’s

My weekly blog post goal of one is lonely and pleading for more, so I’ve decided to up the ante to one or more posts per week simply because I can.  Any way, today was truly gratifying in many ways, so I decided to have some fun playing with happy-loving themed Haiku’s. Surprised with aContinue reading “Today’s Happy Haiku’s”

Dear Fear: Published to a Visible Audience

My first blog post of 2014 was a letter addressed to Fear (click here to read), which was fueled by my need to overcome the demons that continuously warred with me, so that I could move forward with writing.  The leader of the unit was none other than Mr. Fear because he held the highestContinue reading “Dear Fear: Published to a Visible Audience”

Justice and Mating Collides (Excerpt: Revelations)

I’m toying with the possibility of finishing Revelations, which has been taunting me since I abandoned it over two years ago… here’s an excerpt of where I left off in chapter 9.  Any and all thoughts welcomed. *** Dustin closed his eye’s and nuzzled Sam’s neck taking in her scent.  He was relieved that herContinue reading “Justice and Mating Collides (Excerpt: Revelations)”

Sweet Seconds

The vibrant crystal blue rock candy stretched out above us with dollops of marsh-mellow cream floating off in to the distance before disappearing over the crest of the sea.  The ground graham cracker dust under foot, warmed by nature’s oven, sloughed off calloused soles and worked its magic to smooth and soften our weary souls.Continue reading “Sweet Seconds”

Mopey Mop Tales

Standing against a cold darkened corner, he stood stalk still looking across the garage where a tornado of human destruction was all that remained. This couldn’t be happening. It had to be a flashback from all of those chemicals used every time he got out. He knew better than to submerge him self in deepContinue reading “Mopey Mop Tales”


In response to “Picture it and write,” this paragraph may contain mature concepts. With scored bloody hands clasped together, the three of them stood in a circle and repeated their chant. A chant to summons the power of a demon from below, one they believed they would control. Nearby, there was a deafening explosion. TheContinue reading “Summons”


Anchored to a merry-go-round upon the high sea, all I wanted to do was sleep. Swaying back and forth, and round and round the oppressive fog began to lift. I was feeling pretty woozy, so I focused on my breathing.  Breath in. Breath out. Inhale and exhale. Inhale through the nose and exhale through theContinue reading “Snatched”