Out of sync ~ #poem

Niagara River

My inner voice weeps
As this pen has ran out of ink
Leaving thoughts to swirl then sink
Beneath the churning surface in a blink
Making us an impossibility to hold and think
Leaving behind the memories to cherish and keep


Tasty Pastry ~ #Tanka #poem

Wannabe baker
Rolling out parchment paper

Of a Suzy Homemaker
Revolutionized pastime


My food feed on IG: https://instagram.com/caliconcoctions?igshid=1w97tszm3kfhs

Conscientious men

I detest, yet I must confess
There’s still a few good men around
Ready, willing and able
To help out

A damsel in distress
An old hag in duress
One in the same
Violently engaged
In a parking lot – folly

Cursing (under breath)
Tugging (hem of dress)
Kicking (tires bent)

Not one, but two men
Stepped out of the crowd
Made me proud
As they carried it around
Calmed me down

When freaking out